Maquette of blank painting canvases for Moment
What would it feel like to be free of distraction and completely immersed in a moment, in a landscape? This planned exhibition aims to allow you to explore and connect with our human need for sensory and visceral experiences.
Located in an urban setting at Lighthouse: Poole’s Centre for the Arts, Moment is an installation that aims to engage and connect people with nature, creating an immersive experience that enhances wellbeing. It places the visitor at the heart of large-scale 3D paintings and projected drawings, created as a response to nearby Shard Point, Brownsea Island, Poole Harbour.
It is aimed at a diverse audience of residents, students and visitors.
The possibility of collaborating and incorporating sound into Moment is being explored with sound artist Bill Thompson.
Examples of work:
Oil sketch on folding panels
Charcoal and gesso
Charcoal and ink
Oil monotype
Outdoor painting materials
Public Engagement | Large Scale Drawing:
Dorset AONB Dementia Friendly Drawing
Salisbury Spinal Unit
Horatio's Garden
Engagement across all ages
The Big Draw 2017, Bridport
Public outdoor street gallery
AONB Drawing Projects
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