A visual artist born in Devon, UK in 1970, I studied at Oxford Polytechnic between 1988-1991 where I was taught and mentored by Ivor Robinson MBE, Chairman of the Visual Studies Field honours degree. This degree combined the disciplines of painting, drawing, 3D studies, printmaking, photography, graphics, typographics and bookworks, and was the first course of its kind in Britain.  
I am an active member of the School of Landscape Painting which combines the practical challenges of landscape painting with that of academic study. Within the school there is a culture of discussion and shared experience. I am also part of The Dorset Salon, a selected fine art membership group that encourages critical debate. 
As well as undertaking commission work, I have exhibited drawings, paintings and monotypes in joint and group exhibitions for a number of years where the works have been traditionally framed and hung on walls. More recently I have been exploring projection and 3D formats for drawings and paintings, as well as researching how changing the way my work is presented and challenging convention alters the audience experience.
Working with Dorset AONB, The Arts Development Company and Dorset History Centre, I have delivered large scale drawing and painting projects as part of the dementia friendly Stepping into Nature programme that aims to connect people with nature through creative engagement. As artist in residence in Horatio's Garden at Salisbury NHS Spinal Unit, I have continued my interest in the health and wellbeing benefits of combining art with nature by engaging patients, visitors and staff in drawing outdoors. Ambition and scale need not be compromised by individual physical ability, and through adapting: materials; mark making method and forming collaboration, patients with significant spinal cord injury demonstrated great courage and determination, creating drawings over 5 metres long.
My collaboration with Dr Anna Biley relating to grief, loss and art has recently been presented at conferences in Brighton and New York and published in A Handbook for Caring Science: Expanding the Paradigm by Springer Publishing. 
I have also worked in partnership with Dorset Wildlife Trust to create images across their product range, and Oxfam have used my images for their greetings cards. Bridgeman image library license my work which has been featured in publications worldwide.
I live and work in Dorset, United Kingdom.